Mindy is a math teacher turned software engineer with the goal of supporting folks entering the tech field. She had wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl but after teaching middle and high school for a few years, she decided it wasn't quite the right fit.

She started searching for roles where she could use her math degree and found work as a temp at a civil engineering company. She was always looking for a new challenge and began to explore helping them automate their processes. That exploration led her to have a conversation with friends about potentially looking into learning to code. 

So she attended an online coding school called Launch School and was fortunate to participate in one of the first cohorts of Collab Lab - a project-based collaborative experience for new developers. We talk all about her journey of applying to jobs and finding the right company and fit. 

And she tells the story of landing her dream role as a Software Engineer at New Relic! 


Launch School: https://launchschool.com/

The Collab Lab: https://the-collab-lab.codes/

Ignite Program at New Relic: https://newrelic.com/resources/articles/ignite-program-hiring-overview

Mindy on Twitter @Mindy_Joy: https://twitter.com/Mindy_Joy

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