Today Megan and Lauren talk about her upbringing in Montana, her education and pursuit of playing the french horn professionally, how she wound up working full time in finance before ultimately finding a career counselor and seeking advice on how to apply all of her interests and skills towards a new career. She discovered tech and decided to take a leap of faith to attend Code Fellows in 2015. She now works for a really neat consulting firm in Seattle called GenUI as a Full Stack Web Developer. 

Megan shares how she was never encouraged to explore a career in STEM while growing up and opens up about the sexist and misogynistic behaviors of her classmates in high school Science classes that then discouraged her from pursuing a more technical educational path. Megan has since found her place in the tech industry and is fighting the patriarchy day in and day out. 

Today she shares the skills and lessons that she learned from music and her time in the financial industry and how those skills differentiate her from her coworkers who may have taken a more traditional route to tech. 


Code Fellows
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