Today Lauren chats with Reyhaneh Blackman, who emigrated from Iran to the US when she was 12 years old. She didn’t know English and had to teach herself the language and culture at an incredibly formative time in her life. She studied English in college and her first career was in journalism. After that, she went on to get a Master's in international finance and economics and became an investment banker. And today, she’s gone on to found a tech company, Media Scout, a video analytics platform, and has since taught herself to code! 

She attributes the ability to be flexible, code switch, and wear many hats to learning to adapt to new situations and environments as a kid. 

We talk about her journey and Reyhaneh shares how all of the lessons she learned along the way have helped to get her where she is today.  


Find Reyhaneh online @rey_blackman  

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