Stephanie and Lauren have a shared passion for education and technology and she talks today about how fun it is to have found a role that balances those two worlds. As the Director of Systems Architecture for the National Association of Independent Schools, Stephanie thrives as she manages, innovates, and inspires her distributed team each day. 

She tells the story of facing a gatekeeper in college and the reasons behind not pursuing a more traditional educational path to tech. She's manifesting her dreams and has demonstrated what it looks like to make whatever situation you’re in work for you and to help you achieve your goals. 

She tells the story of feeling like an outsider the first time she presented at a tech conference and she and I dive deep into the power of feeling comfortable in your own skin. She’s an expert in her field and is killing it in the tech industry- this is not an episode to miss!  


Stephanie’s app that links Goodreads w/ your Overdrive account, Yonderbook
Roda: Routing Tree Web Toolkit

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