Today’s guest on We Belong Here, Jayson J. Phillips, got his start in tech only after he dropped majoring in Computer Science and Math. In school, Jayson found the coursework boring, uninteresting, and truly hated Cal 3! But when he was working at Scratch DJ Academy, he began managing their website only to discover that the real-world applications of tech can in fact be super creative and compelling. 

He went on to do agency work and continued to learn on the job. He candidly likes to say that he went to the “University of Barnes and Noble” in that he would always dedicate some of his paychecks to new books on the technical topics he was most curious about learning. 

Today, he is the Director of Engineering for Bootcamp Academic Platforms at 2U Inc. Our conversation today explores the importance of teaching, giving back, and encouraging others as they embark on their journey of learning to code. 

We acknowledge how many coding boot camps there are out there. And so Jayson's advice for those considering a boot camp is to know both:

  •  what you want to do
  • what environment you learn best in 

And then after knowing those two things, to dive into the research and to ask all of the possible questions to hopefully find the best fit. 

When researching boot camps, Jayson suggests that you evaluate:

  • their instructors
  • how they treat their alumni and teacher assistants
  • the structure of their payment plans 
  • the prework plan that is provided to prepare for their application

And to use LinkedIn as a resource to connect with alumni and instructors. 

Jayson goes on to give loads of advice for those curious about entering the tech industry. This episode is packed with thoughtful and encouraging words of motivation - it is NOT one to miss! 


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