Tiffany Pena is a homeschooling mom of 3 girls from Texas. She’s also a Software & Web Developer student at Capella University, where she will graduate in December with a Bachelor's Degree! She has a vast background in Business and Finance and is an advocate for women in difficult situations. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, hiking, coffee & her 3 Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  

Back in 2016, she knew she wanted to go back to school to complete her Bachelor’s Degree and was considering becoming a CPA but began exploring web design and discovered the world of web development. 

In today’s episode, we chat about Capella’s diverse curriculum, the neat projects she’s worked on using Java and PHP, and how she has figured out a way to balance her career goals and love of being a stay at home mom. We discuss how the skills from her time in business and finance have set her apart from her classmates but also how the lessons she’s learned from motherhood and home-schooling has helped her differentiate herself and diversify her skill set as a developer. 

We dive deep into the power of a support network and a community to help persevere in moments of great stress and confusion. Tiffany shares some great wisdom and advice- this episode is not one to miss! 


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