Becca Rosenthal is a Middle East Studies major turned software engineer. After college, she spent a few years working at a Jewish non-profit in Jackson, MS. And when she moved back home to Oakland, she realized quickly that tech would be her ticket to stay in her beloved city. Thus, she decided to learn to code by attending Hackbright Academy. After graduation, she quickly landed an engineering job at Reddit. Today, Becca and I dive deep into how she did just that. 

A year into her tech career, she attributes her successes to her ability to slay at office karaoke, her intense curiosity, and her absolute refusal to eat a meal at her desk. Her day to day life at Reddit is filled with puns and banter and if you’re ever searching for someone to write or perform a nerdy song for your tech company, Becca is the person for the job! 

Our conversation ranges from silly topics such as what the lyrics to Reddit the Musical would be to the power of eliminating the word “Sorry” from your vocabulary. 

Becca is an absolute badass and this episode is packed with incredible advice and powerful ideas. It is not one to miss! 


The Mentor Song. It's fictional. 

An AMA Becca and two other Reddit engineers did about Hackbright and bootcamps in general 



The resources that Becca gives to Hackbrighters at the end of the bootcamp. (It includes all of the problems she got in coding interviews, an amazing study guide, and the comically long post where she told us about everything she did from Hackbright to getting a job.)

Find Becca on Twitter @BeccaRoRo and on Reddit as u/SingShredCode.

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